All Types of Government NEED more regulations and this is why…

People are pointing out how AOC is living in a fantasy and she hates capitalism. This just isn’t true. The fantasy is lived by the billionaires who think that they are better than us so they can poison our water, food and land for their own personal greed. This is wrong. This is a crime against humanity. This is murder.

I saw “The Devil We Know” on Netflix and it’s a documentary about the DuPont company essentially poisoning the blood of every human on earth. I think this is such a substantial problem that most people would rather ignore it and live in ignorance.

But I just can’t.

I have to write how I think this is murder and these people should be in jail. I can not contain my thoughts to just my mind today. We are not safe because we allow dangerous criminals to gain so much power with no accountability. Until we call for accountability for ALL HUMANS EQUALLY no matter the color, religion, income or trust fund size. We will not be free until we get rid of the oligarchs in the USA. The fact that people will knowingly kill others with business decisions and they can just pay millions in fines and move on with their life is WRONG.

This is murder.

These are crimes against humanity and they aren’t the only ones.

I have also read the book “Dark Money” that goes into the John Birch Society offshoot that the Koch brothers started. They have also been knowingly poisoning people with business decisions and even blowing some people up from gas leaks because they calculated that fixing the gas line would cost more than paying off any families for possible injuries and death.

What the fuck?!?

How is this allowed?

How is this just glossed over?

Our culture has a serious mental issue with not dealing with our issues and we are literally going to be exterminated by these rich people if we do nothing. So here I am a severely disabled person with multiple sclerosis that wonders if my tainted blood contributes to this disease or changes it. I am using my voice to share my view on this horrific crime against all life. Hearing that the only non tainted blood was a reserve from the Korean War for soldiers was terrifying and makes my statement that seemed dramatic before just the actual truth.

Why are these people free and allowed to develop a similar chemical that is untested that they are now using?!?

Why are they allowed to ever make a business decisions again? They have proven to be incompetent in beyond criminal ways that are some of the most severe crimes I can even think of. If the intention for jails is to keep the people that are dangerous to society away from society then why are these people free? We are safer with them out of the boardroom and stripped of their power.

We need to create a new type of law for this if anything because what the actual fuck. You poisoned our blood and you get to be free? You get to create more things that can do who knows what else to us? I think some people might not be emotionally competent enough to realize how bad this really is and the lack of remorse and empathy shows they NEED accountability more than a normal person because that is some Cluster B behavior right there.

The United States of America is acting in ways that aren’t worthy of respect and until we grow up and admit our failures we won’t be able to move past these things. We are deeply ignorant and in a deep hole that is hard to comprehend because how far does this go? Is this why it seems everyone gets cancer? Because this shit is in our blood, what is it doing to us? How much is there and why aren’t they paying for us to all figure out if we are at risk?

We all have tainted blood and it was done without our consent.

That is such a gross violation of my personal space and body. These people should be in jail and have real consequences that reflect the pain they have inflicted on humanity. They are not mature enough for money and power so why do we act like we believe them when they say and act like they are better than us? They are full of shit and if anything their actions make them worse than most of humanity has ever been.

Then you have Trump who has hurt countless people with multiple con artist businesses like trump university, the steaks, the books, the bankruptcies that led to him to never paying people and MANY businesses ended up going bankrupt because of him as well. If we were a nation that treated the rich the same in the eyes of the law President Donald Trump never would have happened. I absolutely think he would have gone to jail if his dad didn’t get him out of everything and I think if social media had existed when he was young he would have been like the Fyre Festival guy and would have at least been shamed into realizing that it’s wrong to get people to work for you when you don’t intend on paying them what they are worth. You aren’t a good businessman if you inherited hundreds of millions of dollars and you go bankrupt 6 times. That just isn’t true no matter how much you want to twist it into him being good. If his dad didn’t enable him and give him money and the law supported that then he would have surely been caught or changed his ways to be more legit. There are certain people who will always try to push the envelope of what they can get away with. So we need to have regulations that can stop anyone like that from hurting others. We cannot blindly trust others. We need to observe them first before we can know if we want to trust them if we want to be healthier. They also don’t tend to feel remorse or empathy for the people they hurt and how they hurt them. They only comprehend their own pain but don’t care about others. These people have Cluster B personality disorders and they aren’t capable of the empathy we might project onto them no matter how hard we wish it wasn’t so. Educating ourselves on them will help us no longer be their prey, I am calling them out. I see them clearly now after living with two of them and so many people in power display similar characteristics to my exes which is terrifying to me because I never saw that clearly before because I was in my own haze of trauma. So I understand how we can be trapped in a haze of trauma and think we see life clearly. But as I worked on myself and I look back I can see the haze. I can see how I couldn’t see past my pain and my pain tainted everything I saw in life until I faced it head on and dealt with it. Bubble theory really helped me to see that clearly and work on it in a tangible way if you want to check that out.

These are some of the worst crimes in history and this is something we need to face because it isn’t going to go away. We must stop them from creating more such things (they already have FYI) and put regulations in place that protect us from further violations of our personal bodily health. And they should pay for all treatment that might have been needed because of them perhaps that would change their practices.

The Government is for regulating the businesses and the businesses are supposed to get as much of a profit as possible. These things do not work together, the law should impose what is safe for public health on ALL businesses equally. And businesses should never come before the people- like when the GM car factory realized that the Flint water was so bad that it was corroding the car parts, so they were allowed to have a hook up to clean water that the people were not allowed to access. The people should come first ALWAYS because life is precious and water is essential to life so we need to stop ruining our water supply. To argue against this is to argue against human and other forms of life. We have an impact on others whether we want to believe it or not so we can choose to react in ways that uplift others or hurt others. So let’s uplift humanity and hold those who hurt life accountable for those actions. ❤️🙏🏼

I hope you have a beautiful day ❤️🌈✨🔥



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