Dear Doctor, Do You Deserve Our Trust?

When I was a child I was raped by a family member so I wasn’t able to pay attention in school since I didn’t tell anyone. This led to the adderall I was already on being upped to a dose that is now illegal to give minors. I was taught that if I want to feel better I can take this 💊.

Well that was bullshit.

This led me down a dark road because I only had examples of unhealthy coping mechanisms in my life. The stress I was feeling was so intense I had no idea how to comprehend it so mentally I got worse and turned to street drugs and dreams of suicide. I thought that suicide was the only answer to me finding peace but really I needed to find my truth.

I found my center from a combination of many things. I find that we are all so different yet all so similar in ways. For one we all have desires and fears. We all feel even though not all of us can feel empathy. If doctors and scientists want the public to respect them perhaps they could emotionally grow more empathy to see that the loss of trust is a reaction to their actions.

Some doctors have always treated patients as lab rats and these types of doctors are the worst. And the sexist ones who don’t believe women feel pain the same as men are sexist in the wrong way most of the time. Women have higher pain tolerance so if they are complaining it’s generally something serious.

I believe in vaccinations but I also can’t ignore that my mom shared that when I was a baby I got the free shots for poor people because she didn’t know they were lower quality and we were closer to being well off when my brother was a baby so he had the fancy shots in the nice place- I have MS, bad vision, bad back, bad teeth bad health all over and my brother is healthy. Is this because his medical care early on was better? Are there any accurate stats on this? Idk. I’ve seen so much corruption that it is truly hard to know who to trust. There are legitimate reasons to distrust doctors after they got me hooked on drugs I lost all trust. I see how a medical degree seems to feed the ego more than the mind of some doctors and that hurts their patients as well as them. The medical community has been putting greed and corruption above the well being of their patients since the beginning and if they are able to admit to their truth for all the bad and good then they are worthy of more trust. I see now having MS that for the first time I have had doctors say I don’t know and I was so happy I almost cried because I realized that no doctor in my long medical history has said that. Medicine is a soft science which is a good thing for discovery if we just acknowledge the truth. Many industries need to clean up the corruption and then gain back the trust of the public after taking actions to be better and not just care about looking better.

If you want people to trust you then do your best to live the life of someone who is worthy of their trust.



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