Jessica Prado Hanson

It takes Emotional Strength to See the Truth

Healing starts with seeing the truth of why our bubble is dirty. In order for me to reach where I am now I had to see the truth of how bad things were in my life. Just like for any problem to be corrected we have to see what we are working with. In order for any problem to be solved we have to see it. One of my favorite comparisons is to a bullet wound because our emotional and physical body are so similar. So when our bubble is hit with an emotional trauma bullet we first need to figure out what we are dealing with. Just like when the doctors get scans and then go in to see what damage has been done and then they repair it. In order to do this things might look and feel worse. It takes strength and/or courage to get through it and a knowledgeable support system that knows what they are doing. Then there is the recovery after. You don’t get shot and then go out to work the next day if you want to be a mentally balanced person. We need time to mentally and physically heal and regenerate as we see if life changes. The same goes with emotional trauma. When I acknowledge my emotional damage faster I can start the healing faster. When I don’t, I end up with wounds that fester or maybe heal on their own.

I didn’t go to the doctor and it got infected… Gross!

It didn’t heal properly and it looked gross for years, even now it is still visible 17 years later. I survived, but things would have been easier if I had admitted to the truth, and used a professional who knew what they were doing with my ahealing process. Plus I was risking my life with that infection. If I was in a healthy mental space of self love I wouldn’t have made that decision. I wouldn’t have even been there.

I sure didn’t know where I would end up!

This is just the fact, and now that I see that I can DO something about it.

Although this was hard it is so important because just like with a physical bullet wound, you want to make sure you know what you are dealing with so you can actually heal. If you leave parts of the bullet inside a person or you don’t patch up every organ properly you have some serious issues. Kind of like when I thought drugs would help with my pain, that just made it worse and I had to reopen the wound to fix the additional damage. These methods are not sustainable if we desire a life of emotional stability. Luckily I have begun the adventure of finding things that help me stay centered and stable. I hope you also share because this is a subject I think I could always learn more about. We all have different things that fulfill our souls. Thank you for reading what fulfills my soul which is creating, and I look forward to hearing what makes you happy and fulfilled, so please share below.

What helps you cope with stress in life?